Brainious: A Documentary Exploring Child Brain Development


Would you build an Ikea table without the instruction book? Probably not. Then why are we raising kids without knowing how their brain works? Isn’t it nonsense?

Most of us know how to feed children in an healthy way, but what do we know about raising healthy brains? What kind of experiences are important to provide to children, how the brain learns. BRAINIOUS is a documentary that shares “neuro-knowledge” for parents and educators in order to help children thrive and reach their full potential.

If we really want children to master their lives we need to teach them how to handle their brains!

This film features interviews with Dan Siegel and Allan Schore and many others.

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About The Filmmaker

Stéphanie Brillant is a French filmmaker. She is a former Senior Reporter and TV Host. She is fascinated by Neurosciences and Human Potential. Stéphanie is an actual mother of two.

Watch Dan Siegel talk about his book, Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

“I am also a former kid, i know, nothing stupendous, right? But when you really think about it, it means something. The child I was, shaped the grown-up I became. For the best, and for the worse. My strengths as my limitations were encoded in my brain at a very early age.

As parents, educators, we all want our children to thrive, connect to who they truly are, find a lot of happiness on the way, and to be able to be as resilient as possible. Life is our best teacher because from it, we really learn.

Perfect education doesn’t exist, and there is no such thing. However, I believe there is an enlightened way to educate our children. Meaning that you don’t apply any techniques because that’s the way people do, that’s what you were taught, but because it makes sense to you, it sounds relevant, based on what you have learned along the way.

What I discovered working on this film, has been for me life changing. I haven’t become a better mom, or educator, now, I just can tell when I could do better, why I did wrong, and what I could do next to try to improve myself and have a more positive and significant impact on my world. I see myself as a more valuable parent because I understand myself as a kid in a brainy way.

Being a parent is very challenging since there is no recipe. Kids are so different from one another, and you can’t apply to one what worked for another. But when you understand the basics of the hard drive, you are not lost anymore. You have some point to start from. How could you fix things when you don’t know where the problem comes from? Would you dare to build an Ikea furniture without the instructions book, or fly a plane without any insights first?

The Neurobiology of Secure Attachment, video interview with Allan Schore

As an adult, knowing how your brain works is your freedom, because you can really have an impact on your life and become the real the pilot on board. Isn’t that what we want to share with the little ones, becoming the pilot of their own lives?

I am not sure that without making this film, I would be able to understand my little girl. She is so far from what I’ve been taught as acceptable behavior. When she rolls on the floor because she doesn’t get what she wants, the “Me” before Brainious would have been very tuff on her. After Brainious, I still don’t validate her behavior, but nothing emotional is involved (except after a long day let’s be honest…). I mean, I don’t react because it bothers me, but to help her go beyond. When my son wants to quit something because it’s becoming too hard, I have now the understanding to help him to get rid of this unconstructive mindset, from a brain perspective.

Then thanks to Brainious, I’ve become a much more open-minded, reassuring person, mother, and hopefully viewing this film will help you understand what kind of parent or educator you really want to be.

I am very grateful to every people who made this film possible. In my career it has been the very first time, I didn’t have to “fight” to get things. I mean, when people told me yes, it was a real Yes. No negotiation, no second thoughts, no hidden strategy. I feel blessed that I have been able to approach all these experts, besides their passion for their art, they are such reliable people, and in my opinion, that’s probably the main reason we can give them our trust.

Thank you for your trust, and your support. And please, spread the word that all kids are BRAINIOUS!


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