Soil Not Oil: Vandana Shiva Speaks

We cannot address the issue of climate change without considering how the last two decades of corporate driven globalisation have destroyed the biodiversity and cultural diversity of our indigenous food systems, the health of people and the planet. The dominant technological and economic model, based on fossil fuels, does not take into account the finitude of the Earth’s resources and is blind to the living processes that create living soil, as well as to the fact that the fate of societies and civilizations is intimately connected to how we treat the soil and how we grow and distribute the food we eat.

The same chemicals developed by the “Poison Cartel” for the war, were later repurposed to be used in industrial agriculture, which has been destroying the habitat by spreading chemical monocultures and has contributed to what scientists are calling “the sixth extinction” — the disappearance of biodiversity at 1,000 times the normal rate. Explosives that were made by burning fossil fuels at high temperature to fix atmospheric nitrogen were later used to make chemical fertilisers, increasing our dependence on dead fossil carbon, which has disrupted the Earth’s self-regulating climate systems and provoked climate chaos and climate uncertainty.

The threat to human survival is now being recognised, but is still not seen in relation to the violence against the Earth, and it is not seen in the context of how we must change from being a careless and predatory species to a caring, compassionate one, working in co-creation and co-evolution with the Earth. To repair the broken carbon cycle we need to return to the seed, the soil, the sun, to increase the living carbon in the plants and in the soil.

We need to remember that living carbon gives life, dead fossil carbon is disrupting living processes. To remember that with our care and consciousness, we can increase living carbon on the planet and increase the well-being of all. The more we grow it, the more we have. On the other hand, the more we exploit and use dead carbon, more pollution we create and the less we have for the future.

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