Bedsharing, Infant Death, and Bottle-feeding: The Connection

News Investigation Takes On Bedsharing Mythology

Watch THIS ENTIRE VIDEO to be surprised at the facts about bedsharing uncovered by a news team that took the time to investigate the science, death reports and interview the world’s leading infant sleep expert, James McKenna, in 2010. Fox News independently reviewed all SIDS deaths in Milwaukee County from 2009 – 2010. The results were surprising to many and are reported here, along with McKenna’s expert comment.

Listen to a medical examiner say the only way to stop infant death is to criminalize bedsharing and prosecute parents. Watch the health department spokesperson back him up with a, “we don’t recognize different communities and their issues.” See the science and reports uncovered in this predominantly black community that show infant death risk is exclusive to bottle-fed infants. Then take a deep breath and take in the full breadth of the science, and public policy recommendations, from James McKenna, citizens in the communities, and the reporter whose angle – at the beginning of the investigation – is markedly changed.

Read about the new international sleep study and advice issue in 2020 here.

Watch Kindred’s interview series with James McKenna here.

Read press releases, book excerpts and interview transcripts with Dr. McKenna here.

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