Why We Need To Grow Up Our Inner Child Before Becoming An Activist – And How…

In this interview with Robin Grille, we learn why it is important for us to spend time growing up our inner child before becoming an activist. “The wounded children are driving the direction of the planet,” says Grille. “And we need adults to show up as activists to do the work that needs to be done to make real change.”

Grille and Lisa Reagan, Kindred’s editor, walk through the process of forgiveness, befriending your triggers, and creating community on a path to bringing out our adult selves to be the activists the world needs right now. “We make public policy based on our inner child’s needs, and the sooner we wake up to that fact, the sooner we’re out of this mess.”

Please don’t think that Inner Child Journeys is a parenting book. It’s not. But it will help you to understand, through a series of interactive exercises, how to identify your own inner child’s needs instead of projecting them onto your child or a corporation. “Understanding our history frees us from it, and in turn, our children from it,” says Robin in the interview below.

You can read excerpts of Robin’s books on Kindred here:

Creating The Inner-Child-Aware, Heart-Centered Society

Inner Child Journeys: How Our Children Grow Us Up – Foreword By Ray Castellino

Toward A New Image Of Ourselves

Listen to the podcast interview below:

About Robin Grille

Robin Grille is a father, psychologist in private practice and a parenting educator. His articles on parenting and child development have been widely published and translated in Australia and around the world. Robin’s internationally acclaimed first book ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ has been translated into Chinese.  

His second book, ‘Heart to Heart Parenting’ is available in an updated USA edition, as well as in German and Korean. HIs newest book is: ‘Inner Child Journeys – how our children grow us up’.Robin’s experiential, skills-based and informational parenting courses have helped many people to embrace parenting as a transformative, personal growth journey.

Drawing from 28 years’ clinical experience and from leading-edge neuropsychological research, Robin’s seminars and courses focus on healthy emotional development for children as well as parents; while building supportive, co-operative parenting communities. Having delivered his popular workshops around Australia, in USA, UK, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, Robin’s work is animated by his belief that humanity’s future is largely dependent on the way we collectively relate to our children.

To find out more about Robin Grille’s work, his books, articles and seminars visit:

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