SPARK: A Systemic Racism Story – Documentary

The tragedy of George Floyd’s death sparked a look at the historical context of deep-seated, systemic racism in America. Spark explores the root causes of this systemic racism and proposes remedies in public safety, policing, criminal justice, and social norms. 

This 32-minute documentary is a call to action: Consider becoming a Black community ally. Spark, made by white allies, encourages recognition of unconscious bias and commitment to unlearning a historical narrative that redefined an entire race.

Awareness, listening, and daily practice can begin to reverse systemic racism. Until everyone is free, no one is free.

By exploring systemic racism’s roots and remedies, SPARK hopes to inspire people to move from simply not being a racist, which does little to dismantle racism, to actively living an anti-racist life and becoming an ally to the Black community.

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