Beyond Trauma-Informed – A Video Presentation

A Center for Global Nonkilling presentation by Darcia Narvaez, PhD, and Mary Tarsha.

It could be argued that humans have never been so destructive, so violent against a living earth. How did we arrive here?

We forgot the wellness-informed pathway to human wellbeing, a holistic wellbeing that leads to peacefulness. We describe the wellness-informed pathway and how it is shaped in peaceful cultures by meeting humanity’s basic needs. We discuss what human thriving looks like in individuals and societies.

We describe two cycles of human development: Cooperative Companionship, which is wellness informed, and Competitive Detachment, which is trauma inducing. These cycles are perpetuated by bottom up processes, rooted in neurobiology, and in top-down processes, guided by the stories or narratives we follow. We can change how we raise children and the stories we tell about our human nature and human purpose.

This presentation was given to the  Center for Global Nonkilling by Darcia Narvaez and Mary Tarsha.

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