Using CAT-FAWN “De-Hypnotizing” Technology: Four Arrows On Trance-Based Self-Learning

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About this Video

The internet and social media are moving from the post and comment to the shared experience model. 

Over the course of 23 books and hundreds of scholarly articles, Four Arrows (Donald Trent Jacobs) has developed metacognitive trance-based learning (MTBL) as a foundational practice for creativity, health and deep connection between people and with the community of all beings.

This interview with Four Arrows provides for an overview of this breakthrough method for communications, collaboration, peak performance and shared experience for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in the Creator Economy.

Unlike mindset-based programs, MTBL offers a unique worldview orientation which provides greater alignment with reality and support for the practitioner.

This program is based on decades of research and practice by Four Arrows, an Indigenous worldview scholar, hypno-therapist and performance coach to world champion athletes, and developed into a shared experience for the business setting by David Larson Levine. 

CAT-FAWN, a mnemonic for “Concentration Activated Transformation” and “Fear Authority Words Nature,” cap be applied to increase revenue, improve performance, and foster teamwork. 

More importantly, the practice of CAT-FAWN in the business setting can promote harmony, health, and wellness. By introducing CAT-FAWN programs into your organization, you will attract and retain your most valuable employees, clients, partners and customers.

Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and multipreneurs can also benefit from the practice of CAT-FAWN and MTBL in myriad ways.

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