“Same Planet, Different Worlds” with Paul Ray, PHD

Same Planet, Different Worlds:  How Cultural Creatives Are Transcending Alienation and Isolation in an Industrial World and Bringing Forward the Practical Wisdom of Conscious Living

In this interview with social scientist, Paul Ray, PhD, Lisa Reagan connects the dots between her insights from 15 years of holistic family wellness advocacy and Ray’s investigation of a growing segment of Western population that is transforming mainstream culture through their ability to synthesize vast amounts of information with an inner vision of wholeness, make counter-culture choices for sustainability and wellness, and ultimately bring forward a missing but critically needed worldview for 21st century living: practical wisdom.

Paul Ray presented his research findings in the book, Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World in 2000, with his wife and co-author, Sherry Anderson, PhD.  In this interview, Ray shares his updated findings from a 2008 study of Cultural Creatives and peeks into his forthcoming book on the missing element of practical wisdom that Cultural Creatives bring to the current, failing industrial culture.

Paul shares why it is vital that they connect with one another and recognize they are participating in a consciousness-raising movement whose impact will not be reported in the mainstream media, but is measurable by any social scientist who cares to look (and whose job is not dependent on him not looking).  Read the interview here.

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