“Cultural and Institutionalized Violence Against Women” with Suzanne Arms

Note to Listener: As Suzanne Arms says to the listener at the beginning of this teleconference in August 2012, this is an adult discussion and you will want to ask your inner child to go play outdoors while your adult self hears some very disturbing facts and information about violence against women in our culture.

Suzanne recently attended two national conferences on violence against women and presents reports from those conferences while integrating her experience and expertise as a birth activist. Suzanne is the founder of Birthing the Future and is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Immaculate Deception: Myth, Magic and Birth.

This nearly two hour teleconference includes participants asking Suzanne questions about the connections between culturally accepted and “normative” abuse toward women and hospital and even birth center birthing practices. Lisa Reagan moderates the discussion.

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