“The Connected Baby,” with Suzanne Zeedyk, PhD

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk, is a neuroscientist from the University of Dundee, and producer of the new documentary film, The Connected Baby.  The film shows the magnificent and overlooked nuanced ways babies are constantly communicating and trying to connect with caretakers.

The neuroscience presented in the film shows that this need for interaction in the first three years is the basis for proper brain development.  The consequences of babies not getting their need for connection to grow and thrive are well documented in the skyrocketing rates of depression and dysfunction in industrialized cultures.

As Dr. Zeedyk shares, The Connected Baby has been used as the basis for communities to rethink their approach to child development, childcare and social violence prevention, as well as for mothers in post-partum recovery groups.  Visit the film at www.theconnectedbaby.org.

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