Actor Martin Sheen to Investigate Homeopathic Medicine on TV Show

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“Homeopathy has become a growing part of the wellness industry. I’m excited to explore the benefits and drawbacks of these remedies.” — Martin Sheen


In Focus will investigate growth and criticism of alternative medicine industry.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

The producers of In Focus with Martin Sheen are pleased to announce that the team is working on a series of reports investigating the rise in the homeopathic remedy industry.

In Focus with Martin Sheen is an independently produced television program airing in markets around the country on public television stations. The show is hosted by the legendary Martin Sheen, who is entering his sixth decade in the entertainment industry. The show highlights growth and innovation in various industries, and homeopathy is showing increased popularity among consumers.

The homeopathy industry is a more than $800 million business in the United States every year. With more and more information available about alternative medicine, a growing number of Americans are experimenting with homeopathic and all-natural remedies for illness. Despite the growth, some experts inside the medical community are critical of this alternative form of care for sickness and disease. In Focus Martin Sheen will explore both sides of the debate over homeopathic medicine.

In Focus with Martin Sheen can be reached through the show’s official website at or on Facebook at for more information.

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