Love Bomb the Movie!

Why This Film Matters To You

​This is a story that has never been told in film, and the telling of it will inspire hundreds of thousands of people. Please let me share why I am so confident that is true, and how I came to realize it. First, the idea to reveal what is experienced during a chiropractic service trip like I have been a part of, and the process inspired by 9/11 that led me to discover these awesome trips, has been gestating since the first one I participated in 7 years ago.

I often wonder what it would be like if people could see what kind of chiropractors go on these trips and how much that could help people to understand “us” better, our heart, our capacity to assist life, and the empowering principles that we work to embody. I also wish everyone could experience this feeling that happens when we let ourselves go totally to the moment of service in the magnitude that we do, seeing hundreds of people in a matter of hours, and thousands by week’s end. What is it like to surrender to love, service, dirt, sweat and a sea of people laying down in front of you in total trust- to the point of exhaustion? How deeply could this inspire people to find out their own capacity?

What draws thousands of people to trust us with such a vulnerable experience so quickly? What impact does it have? Why and how do we do it? What does this say about human potential?​

The reason I am compelled to make this film now, and am so confident in the inspiring impact of the messages inherent in it, is because it is a story that invokes hope where it has been lost or stifled. Hope in the innate capacity to heal, to trust, and to connect. Hope in human beings, in humanity, and in our loving connection.

So many of us are experiencing feelings of lack of power in the face of global and individual challenges and atrocities, and we need stories that ignite in us the reminder of our total connection to one another, to the life force of love within, and to the inherent capacity for growth, transformation, and impact that we all share.

Love Bomb is this story. It shows what each of us is capable of, and it asks us to move forward, to gain courage, and to step up to share our unique loving gifts with the world. I first used the term “Love Bomb” to express what happens when we as chiropractors go into a community and adjust thousands of people at one time, igniting massive opening and change, and deeply impacting consciousness. Now I see it as the name for the adjustment itself, for a kind word spoken, for a group effort for the common good, and as the loving tendencies of human beings already being expressed throughout the world. Its time we focus on them, ignite them, and intentionally deliver them!


Often the “smallest” Love Bombs are the most important ones. For this reason as a part of the story I will share how my team collaborates with an elementary school teacher and principle near where I live in order to empower the students to know that small acts of kindness add up, and that even without money or “titles” they make a difference in the world. We go to the school and work with them to help them create “little messages of love” in the form of stickers that they draw. We bring these to the kids that we work with in Peru, and then bring home stickers in exchange. ​​​​
Small things add up to big things. The film is meant to share this, as well as demonstrate it with the crowd-sourcing and fundraising that is created during the film-making process.​​​​​

By focusing on the theme of the Love Bomb, teaching people about it and demonstrating it in action with the film I aim to see the question of “what are we capable of” answered in a healthier, happier, and more peacefully empowered humanity.​​​​​

Thank you for being a part of it! With Gratitude,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman

Love Bomb with Joe

Love Bomb filmmaker, Rhea Zimmerman, with Joseph Chilton Pearce and Lisa Reagan at a film shoot in Charlottesville, Virginia. Read about the interview with Joe here.

Video caption. Lisa writes: So, Rhea asks me – off the cuff – to share what she thinks connection is… uhhh… We talked for two hours and these are two minutes of the shoot. Filmed at the Institute of Noetic Science’s EarthRise Retreat Center during my residency there in September 2012. You can read her blog about our interview here, her next blog about coming to my house in Virginia and visiting Joseph Chilton Pearce here.

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