It’s Genital Integrity Awareness Week!

Glen Callender responds to Seth Meyers from CAN-FAP on Vimeo.

In his Wednesday March 19 monologue, Seth Meyers did a joke about the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CAN-FAP)’s March 18 Bill Gates protest at TED Vancouver, and made a scurrilous allegation about CAN-FAP founder Glen Callender. In this video, Glen Callender sets the record straight.

NSFW: Artistic nudity.

It’s Genital Integrity Awareness Week!


Calling all intactivists! The 21st Annual Genital Integrity Awareness Week is happening right now in Washington, DC, and everyone’s invited.

Every spring, people come from all around the country (and the world!) to march in Washington. March 30th is the day the federal U.S. bill outlawing female genital cutting went into effect in 1997, and the week surrounding that date is used to raise awareness of the basic human right to genital autonomy for all people. From now through Sunday, March 30, intactivists are gathering to demonstrate from 9pm to 5pm on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. On Saturday, March 29, people will march together from the Capitol to the White House at 4:00pm.

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People really do have the power, and the more people who can make it—especially the march on Saturday—the greater impact we’ll have. If you can’t make it, please post on Facebook and Twitter about it, using the Facebook event link. “I cannot express enough the need to gather in large numbers,” says David Wilson, Director of Stop Infant Circumcision (SIC) Society. “Please help us spread the word about this march against the insanity of infant male circumcision.”

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