Report: Many Companies Now Offering Women Permanent, Unpaid Maternity Leave

The Onion Logo and Company LinkThe Onion Takes On The Insanity of Maternity Leave In America

But really, this is no laughing matter.  Forcing women to choose between financial stability and family is a choice women worldwide consider a violation of their human rights.  Why are American women okay with the options presented by The Onion video above?  Because this is how it really is now in America: have a child or have a career.  To understand how shockingly behind the rest of the world America is on maternity and family leave, consider the video that appeared on Buzzfeed this fall:

More on Maternity Leave from MomsRising:

Motherhood manifestoKnow the Facts

  • Having a baby is a leading cause of “poverty spells” in the U.S. — when income dips below what’s needed for basic living expenses.
  • In the U.S., 49% of mothers cobble together paid leave following childbirth by using sick days, vacation days, disability leave, and maternity leave.
  • 51% of new mothers lack any paid leave — so some take unpaid leave, some quit, some even lose their jobs.
  • The U.S is one of only 4 countries that doesn’t offer paid leave to new mothers — the others are Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, and Lesotho.
  • Paid family leave has been shown to reduce infant mortality by as much as 20% (and the U.S. ranks a low 37th of all countries in infant mortality).

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