READ: Core Concepts Of Birth Psychology With Marti Glenn, PhD, and Kate White

The Origins Of Birth Psychology With Marti Glenn, PhD

Kate White, director of education at the Association for Pre and Perinatal Psycholgy, talks with birth psychology pioneer, Marti Glenn, PhD, founder of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and currently clinical director of Quest Institute, about the core concepts of birth psychology. In part one, Kate and Marti share insights and stories into how the emerging science of birth psychology and its practitioners have shaped today’s professional and household discussions around birth and babies.

Kate White says: My conversation with Glenn was comprehensive. I am working with her and a team of pre and perinatal professionals to develop a new story about babies, and the families with them during the childbearing year, (hat tip, Kindred and Lisa Reagan). Here is our short list, supported by research and studies and is on the verge of being accepted for program development, practice and policy.

1. Babies are conscious, intelligent and aware.
2. Babies remember birth; it is a big experience.
3. Babies feel pain.
4. Our DNA expression is influenced by our environment.
5. We develop in relationship.
6. Attachment begins before birth.
7. Our earliest experiences (prenatal through age 1) create a template for our mental models of the world.
8. This template is what we live out of, and it is our job to become aware of it, especially if it is filled with patterns that don’t serve us as adults.

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This video was shot for Kindred’s New Story Video Series in Lisa Reagan’s home in Virginia.  Thanks to Keith Reagan for filming.

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