Measles On ’60s Sitcoms And Cartoons – In The Days Before The Marketing Of The Vaccine

Are Donna Reed, The Flintstones and The Bradies going to turn over their human rights and medical freedom to their bodies because of a little measles?

Watch the pre-vaccine and pharmaceutical marketing vintage clips above as Donna Reed, standing in a doctor’s office, smiles sweetly and pronounces that a measles diagnosis is “not serious.” Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble are mad about losing money for a vacation they have to cancel, but not about Wilma and Betty coming down with the measles.  And all of the Brady Bunch children play Monopoly and “joke” over the school days they get to miss while Mrs. Brady happily checks off the family disease tracking chart for who’s had what and declares, “Well the measles are over in the Brady family.”

Read more about the recent media flurry over a measles outbreak that resulted in a hysterical and scientifically indefensible nationwide grab for medical freedom and informed choice through 16 states attempting to repeal vaccine exemption laws here, and then check your own state’s vaccine laws here.

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Kindred is a proud defender of all parents’ human rights to make medical choices for their children and themselves.  We believe vaccine safety is only possible through freedom of conscience.  Don’t bother lumping us in with anti-vaxxers, we’re all for your right to load up on everything you want to put in your body if that is your choice, but you may want to calculate the ingredients in that vaccine and read the science first.  Whatever your choice, we hope it’s an informed one and you will support others in making their informed choices as well.

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