Creating A New Story For Humanity – With Bruce Lipton

Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from HereJoin UPLIFT host Chip Richards for a dynamic conversation with stem cell biologist / bestselling author of “Biology of Belief”, Bruce Lipton, exploring the concept of ‘spontaneous evolution’ and the global call for each of us to play our part in creating a new story for humanity and our planet.

In this video, Lipton answers the questions:

What is the Old Story?  

What is the New Story?  

Is it true that there is nothing we can do about the deteriorating condition of the planet?  

How does a New Story change the possibilities for recovery and wellness for individuals and the planet?  

Why don’t we see the positive side of the emerging New Story?  

Why don’t we hear more about the New Story?  How do we find and connect with people who are involved in bringing forward the New Story?

How does the mainstream media keep the Old Story alive?

How does the Old Story keep us fearful and sick?

Read more from Bruce Lipton on Kindred here.

Listen to an audio interview with Lipton on his book, The Honeymoon Effect here.

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