Five Steps To Resetting The Default State Of Humanity’s Consciousness

Step One: Self-remembering, mindfulness and other forms of enhanced attention lift one’s attention and awareness out of the ‘reflex system.’ 

This first step is the prerequisite of everything that follows. Humanities’ normal state of attention-awareness is low, habitual, embedding or submerging attention-awareness within the reflexive patters created by conditioning, knowledge, imagination, ego and culture. Accessing and developing realms of meaning and appropriate action beyond the reflex system demands increased capacity of attention and awareness that is free from enchantment. Only then is true human potential and appropriate (intelligent) action, meaning sustainable wholeness, is possible. 

Step Two: Discovering, as a direct experience, that the virtual reality thought creates is like an isolated bubble floating in an ocean of intelligence.

The ocean is a metaphor for intelligence which is a metaphor for nature and intelligent design or creation. The reality inside the bubble is created by abstract, disembodied and isolated thought. This reality is defined and sustained by conditioned knowledge, ego and culture, the constructs that form our false or counterfeit identity-reality. Discovering the ocean requires stepping out of, dissolving, or transcending the limitations of our conditioned reality, freeing and expanding awareness-attention to experience the other. The great challenge is however, known has order or mental image system unique to the thought bubble. The unknown, true intelligence, is of a different order that is unrecognizable by the known. To enter and abide in the ocean demands learning a completely new perceptual language. 

Step Three: Reset the ocean (innate intelligence; freedom from the known, silence or emptiness) as the default state of human consciousness, with its infinite identity-potential to use David Bohm’s term.

Freedom from the Known is a state of mind that implies dissolving the border (the bubble membrane) created by thought, knowledge, ego, culture and imagination. This implies simultaneously negating thought, knowledge, ego and culture and imagination. This negation frees attention and sensitive awareness to expand infinitely, opening and attuning naturally, without effort, to vast and diverse fields of meaning habitually excluded by the bubble. 

Step Four: This reset changes, and fundamentally, the nature of the bubble; thought and creative imagination, opening the membrane-border to ‘insight,’ fields of meaning not created by or within the known. This reset influences, by transforming, how we perceive the reality created by thought and creative imagination. What was perceived as the whole, with assumed intelligence, is now seen for what it actually is, and has always been; that thought, intellect and imagination, all conditioned knowledge, are tools that serve the ocean (wholeness). This direct experience or ‘insight’ negates the previous false assumption that these tools are the ocean. This reset has profound implications for the future and sustainability of humanity. 

Step Five: Model this default state reset, and its implicit reality-identity, during all stages of child and adult development, aligning body, mind and action with nature, which is our true nature, as the measure of appropriate action, inwardly and outwardly.

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