Breaking the Cycle: The Grassroots History And Award-Winning Science Behind The Short Film

In this Monday LIVE presentation to the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, APPPAH, Lisa Reagan, Kindred World’s co-founder and Kindred Media’s editor, shares the organization’s grassroots history as context for understanding and appreciating the award-winning nonprofit’s approach to creating initiatives and projects. She shares the consciousness-raising vision of Kindred World for championing the creation of the Evolved Nest Initiative, and its latest project, the Breaking the Cycle short film. Both ENI and Breaking the Cycle are based on the award-winning research of Darcia Narvaez, PhD, who now serves as Kindred World’s president.

You can download the PDF of Lisa’s presentation, which is fully hyperlinked, here. Each photo, graphic, or source will take you to its virtual home page.

You can visit the Evolved Nest Initiative at to learn more about Darcia Narvaez’s work and discover the new self-directed learning center there.

You can visit the Breaking the Cycle film here: There is a film discussion guide and multiple resources to help you use the film as an educational and activism tool.

The film has been translated to Spanish and there are Spanish discussion questions here.

You can learn more about Kindred’s history on our What Have We Learned? page here.

You can learn to navigate the Kindred Media website here.

Lisa Reagan’s biography can be found here.

And, of course, you will want to visit APPPAH and discover their own decade’s long history and educational programs supporting prenatal and perinatal psychology:


Discover Kindred’s extensive posts, interviews, and podcasts with birth psychology leaders here.

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