13 Days Of Spontaneous Joy! Join The Creating Joy Through Play Campaign!

Life can be enjoyable. Many of us have forgotten how to be happy in the moment, how to access a sense of joy. But what else do we have but this moment now? Here are daily suggestions to unlock spontaneous joy, to help you remember to enjoy being alive in the moment.

Did you know? Play is one of our Evolved Nest’s Nine Components! We need play to thrive as individuals and communities.

This holiday season may have our nervous systems hijacked with all sorts of cares and worries, but the Evolved Nest is here to help!

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3. Do the activity spontaneously throughout the day! The play prompts are grouped into three types of play. Mix and match these prompts to your heart’s delight! See the list of prompts at the end below and all of the graphics for the campaign here.

4. Discover the Evolved Nest’s collection of resources on play in our Self-Directed Learning Center.

5. You can find all of the campaign’s prompts to share here.

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13 Days of Spontaneous Joy! Here are the prompts are grouped into types of play.


1. Use color a lot—in coloring/painting, dress, food prep, decorating your home.

2. Dance from one room to another.

3. Imitate an animal each time you are alone.

4. Make a musical instrument out of something you encounter


1. Hum throughout the day today (self-calming tool)

2. Whenever you have a moment today, say “I am filled with love.”

3. Go outside as much as you can today and look up.

4. Keep a stone or other object in your pocket today to remind you to breathe deeply.


1. Sing to someone you meet.

2. Write a friendly message to someone and put it in an unexpected place.

3. Act out a character when you interact with people.

4. Look at things from different positions–on your head, sideways, etc.

13th Day

Say something kind to everyone you meet (even yourself in the mirror).

The Evolved Nest is a sister initiative of Kindred Media through our parent nonprofit, Kindred World. Visit the Evolved Nest’s Self-Directed Learning Center to discover more about our human family’s path to wholeness and wellness.

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