Why We Must Restore Our Kinship Worldview

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Indigenous worldviews, and the knowledge they confer, are critical for human survival and the wellbeing of future generations. Author and Professor of Education, Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows), and author and Professor Emerita of Psychology Darcia Narvaez have both written and lectured extensively on the need to integrate Indigenous worldviews into every aspect of society—from education to sustainability, wellness, and justice.  

Through their work and writing, Four Arrows and Darcia emphasize the deep need to move away from the dominant Western paradigm—one that dictates we live without strong social purpose, fails to honor the Earth as sacred, leads with the head while ignoring the heart, and places individual “rights” over collective responsibility. Their most recent collaboration as editors of the anthology Restoring the Kinship Worldview, presents 28 powerful excerpted passages from Indigenous leaders including Mourning Dove, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Winona LaDuke, and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.  

Join Four Arrows and Darcia for a conversation exploring the wisdom of Indigenous worldviews and how embracing these precepts can nourish our individual and collective lives in these challenging times.  

By embracing our kindship , we can realize an Indigenous vision and strong social purpose that sees all life forms as sacred and sentient. Discover how these ideals can provide a holistic orientation to lead us away from extinction toward an integrated, sustainable future.

Kindred’s Worldview Poster by Four Arrows

Kindred World was founded on the values and beliefs of stewarding and protecting all life as interconnected, interdependent, and therefore, Kindred. Over the past quarter century, we have focused on creating sustainable, peace-loving humans through the integrated and interdisciplinary fields of science that support a life-affirming worldview, identified below in the Indigenous Worldview column. You can read more about our nonprofit’s history here, and discover how our many initiatives help ourselves and our culture make the shift from a Dominator Worldview to an Indigenous Worldview

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See below for download options, including PDFs, PNGs, and a black and white version for printing out.

Download your Worldview Chart poster or graphic below:

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Kindred Worldview Chart in black and white for printing in PDF format: Download

Kindred Worldview Chart in black and white for printing in PNG format: Download

About the Worldview Chart:

This chart is not intended as a rigid binary, but a true dichotomy best viewed as a continuum. It is meant to encourage seeking complementarity and dialogue. Absolutism is discouraged with the realization we are all participating in DW precepts to some degree. The chart assumes that all diverse cultures, religions, and philosophies can be grouped under one of the two worldviews. “Indigenous Worldview” does not belong to a race or group of people, but Indigenous cultures who still hold on to their traditional place-based knowledge are the wisdom keepers of this original Nature-based worldview. All people are indigenous to Earth and have the right and the responsibility to practice and teach the IW precepts. All have the responsibility to support Indigenous sovereignty, dignity, and use of traditional lands.

For non-Indians who are concerned about misappropriation, see the peer reviewed article,

“The Indigenization Controversy: For Whom By Whom.” 

Worldview Chart and introduction by Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows), a.k.a. Don Trent Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D. Originally published in The Red Road (chanku luta): Linking Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives to Indigenous​ Worldview, 2020Featured inRestoring the Kindship Worldview, 2022, by Four Arrows and Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D.  Find Four Arrows and more on Indigenous Worldview at www.KindredMedia.org

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