Nature Connection Songs for Children and Adults!

Nature Connection Resource Includes:

  1. Podcasts for your to download of Darcia singing and demonstrating the songs below.

  2. The Nature Connection Songs PDF, showing musical lyrics and chord progressions for you to play along.

  3. The entire collection is listed here.


If you’re looking to replace artificial light hum, droning news reports, or monkey brain chatter with an uplifting, Earth-honoring ditty that is sure to inspire nature connection and joy, look below and pick out a tune written and performed by Darcia Narvaez, Kindred World’s president and founder of the Evolved Nest.

Nature Connection is one of our nine Evolved Nest components. One of the known causes for the planetary crises humanity is facing currently (e.g., global warming, climate instability, melting glaciers, toxic pollution, biodiversity loss) is the lack of caring for the rest of nature and the sense of separation from it (T. Berry, 1999; W. Berry, 2012). Our species is a creature of the earth and has evolved with the rest of the natural world, which preserves us.

Visit the Evolved Nest Self-Directed Learning Center to discover more about Nature Connection and resources, like the science-based 28 Day Eco Attachment Dance.

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Darcia’s Nature Connection Children’s Songs Collection, and reasons to sing them together!
Bird species are undergoing rapid extinction rates due to human activities, like killing insects that they feed on. This song is a reminder that we love to see and hear birds. They need our mindful concern to help them thrive and prevent further extinction.
Water is life-giving, life-supporting aspect of the world. The ancient Greek pre-Socratic philosopher, Thales (c. 624-546 BCE), suggested that all things come from water. We often forget how ubiquitous it is and how reliant we are on its purity. Many people in the world do not have regular access to clean water. This song is to remind us how much we interact with water in so many ways. Sing and dance this song with one or more partners.
Insects are disappearing at a rapid rate with a mass extinction underway. In industrialized nations, we often treat insects as pests, not thinking about they fit into complex ecosystems that keep other animals, and ourselves, alive. When we use pesticides on one insect, it also kills other insects. This song is a cheerleading song to insects, needed members of our biological communities. Sing and dance to the music.
This song honoring plants is written and performed by Darcia Narvaez. It was included in Chapter 9 in her new book with Four Arrows, Restoring the Kinship Worldview: Indigenous Voices Introduce 28 Precepts for Rebalancing Life on Earth.
Many plant species are increasingly threatened with extinction. Humans often act mindlessly toward plants, as if they do not have feeling or purpose. Native American communities honored plants as life givers and teachers. They practiced the “honorable harvest,” a way to treat plants and animals with respect. This song describes what the honorable harvest looks like. Sing and play this song with one or more partners.


Here is Darcia teaching us the We Love the Earth Song, which was shared for last year’s Earth Day Celebrations!
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