Cycle of Competitive Detachment

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The Cycle of Competitive Detachment refers to the slippage in baselines for what we think is normal or appropriate in terms of child raising (minimized support), child behavior (dysregulation), adult behavior (self-centered) and adult wellbeing (ill health) and the degraded culture that ensues. See Cycle of Cooperative Companionship.

Watch the short film, Breaking the Cycle, here.

Learn more about the Evolved Nest’s science and its capacity to Break the Cycle we living in now, and remake a peaceful, sustainable Cycle of Cooperative Companionship.

Read the introduction and first chapter to the award-winning book Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture, and Wisdom here.

Listen to the Evolved Nest’s podcast on the Cycle of Competitive Detachment:

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