Celebrate Attachment Parenting International Month! October 2012

Celebrate Attachment Parenting International Month!


What: Attachment Parenting International (API), along with the Sears family and other prominent AP supporters, declares October to be Attachment Parenting (AP) Month.

The AP Month vision is to create one strong voice for AP through activities, events and information and to celebrate our annual theme.

Who: All parents, children and those who work with families.  (Everyone!)  AP partners and like minds around the world are invited and encouraged to participate in the annual Attachment Parenting Month.

Why?: During AP Month, parents are challenged to re-examine their daily activities, routines, beliefs, habits and traditions and learn new ways to engage with their children to grow with each other and remain close while promoting opportunities for healthy exploration, individuation and development.  AP Month partners will offer resources to support and sustain these efforts all year round.

AP Month is visioned to unify the AP voice in order to achieve these goals:
1. Offer parents and adults support and confidence in implementing our theme.
2. Promote awareness of AP.
3. Inform the public about API, other AP Month sponsors and their services.
4. Provide a source of funds to support API’s mission.

Resources: The AP Month Central website is the gateway to information and activities related to AP Month.


“Relax, Relate, Rejuvenate: Renewed with Parent Support” is our AP Month theme this year celebrating the renewable and beneficial resource of group social support for parents.Check out everything about AP Month right here! Help API raise awareness about the importance of parent support by:

  1. Collecting and donating items for the API online auction! Only two weeks til bidding starts!
  2. Getting your daily support during October on our AP Month Daily Calendar!
  3. Reading the Blogs!
  4. Sharing your photos and voting on your favs!
  5. Registering to bid at the online auction! Sneak a peek at the goodies and get ready for bidding October 18-31!

Families for Conscious Living Partners with API to Celebrate! imageFamilies for Conscious Living Partners with API to Celebrate!

Families for Conscious Living is proud to be on official partner of Attachment Parenting International and to help API celebrate the importance of attachment, community and the nonprofit work of API during October 2012.

Take a few moments to visit API’s silent auction this month, as it will end October 31!  You will find FCL’s donation to the auction, two rare, autographed copies of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s last work, Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation.

Joseph Chilton Pearce is the author of many books, including Crack In The Cosmic Egg, a national best seller Magical ChildEvolution’s EndThe Biology of TranscendenceThe Death of Religion and Rebirth of Spirit and most recentlyStrange Loops and Gestures of Creation. For over thirty years Joe has written and lectured internationally on human development and the changing needs of children. Doing so Joe has pushed the boundaries of human development far beyond mechanistic models. His quest: to understand our ‘amazing capacities and self-inflicted limitations.’ We are the body and more. We are emotions and more. We are mind and more. Pearce weaves this miraculous tapestry into integrated wholeness.

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