How Western Medicine “Ignores Childhood Trauma” – A Video With Gabor Maté, MD

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About the video – from Sustainable Human

We hope you enjoy our latest video which looks at the cross section between child development, idiopathic disease, and emotional intelligence by examining the biases of Western medicine. 

A quote from the video: “Western medicine looks at disease from a particular perspective. And you have to understand something about medicine. It’s science, all right. But it’s also ideology. And there’s a difference between science and ideology. An ideology is a worldview that you’re not conscious of, that you have hidden beliefs that you don’t question. And that exists in all realms, whether it is science or politics or history or economics or any field of human thought or investigation. So there’s always ideological biases hidden in any system. Now, what are the biases of Western medicine? 

When we are living in a world that is going in the wrong direction, it becomes critical that we are able to examine the hidden biases in our belief systems. In so doing, we will find new pathways to solve problems that have caused so much suffering for so many of us.

Dr. Gabor Mate may have found the root source of many idiopathic diseases. His work is validated by peer-reviewed science. What keeps it from going mainstream are these hidden biases. A world of healing awaits us if we can understand and move past the biases of western medicine.

With gratitude,
Chris and Dawn, Sustainable Human

Biases exist in every area of human thought, including western medicine. Dr. Gabor Mate illuminates these biases and points the way toward healing ourselves and society.

0:00 – The Unacknowledged Major Source of Mental and Physical Illness

0:57 – Scientific Evidence for Trauma-Induced Disease

1:36 – Why Early Childhood Coping Mechanisms Make You Ill

2:46 – The Difference Between Science and Ideology

3:36 – The Biases Of Western Medicine

4:45 – How Your Social Environment Changes Your Physiology

5:39 – The Main Role of Our Emotions

6:15 – An Alternative Way To Look At Disease

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