How Attachment-Aware Scotland Became ACEs Aware, A Video With Suzanne Zeedyk, PhD

Suzanne Zeedyk, PhD, joined the Kindred Fellowship Program on June 28, 2022, to share her story of bringing ACEs Awareness and trauma-informed movements to Scotland. The presentation is fascinating because Scotland was oriented in attachment science before ACEs and the Trauma-Informed Movements began and, as Zeedyk shares, this meant Scotland’s context for understanding ACEs was vastly different than America, a country at the bottom of indicators for mother, infant, and family wellness among all developed nations. In fact, America’s hostility toward babies, children, mothers, and nurturing in general, became legendary mainstream media fodder during the pandemic. 

Kindred World has been presenting the science of attachment for a quarter century in America, so we at the KFP program (a Kindred World initiative) were impressed and grateful for Suzanne’s insights.

Learn more about the ACEs movement in Scotland here.

Learn more about the KFP program here and meet the KFP 2022 Summer Cohort here.

KFP’s unique mission is to guide students on an innovative educational journey that explores the systemic roots of social (in)justice in childhood through kindred activism: a theory of advocacy that is authentic, relational, and imaginative, and centers childhood as the first experience of sovereignty and/or oppression. The program has been featured on the Centers for Partnership Studies Leadership blog, the Rutger’s University’s Childism Institute blog, and in an ongoing series on Kindred Media. 

For a quarter century, Kindred World thought-leaders have been exploring the connections among human consciousness, human and nonhuman kin, and ecological systems. As awareness of “One Family, One World” expands, humanity connects more authentically with ourselves, our family, and our world, but also with our capacity to achieve lasting social justice. Kindred’s new connected story of human kinship is bringing forth the possibility for a new story of activism. Visit the Kindred Fellowship Program to learn more about our unique social justice education vision.

Watch the video:

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